Fire Marshal

The mission of the Lower Valley Fire Protection District is to reduce loss of life, risk of fire, and property loss through education, code enforcement, and industry standard.  In practice and using modern science, we strive to educate the public of safe practices and procedures. We believe by collaborative effort, the community for which we serve can become a safe environment to live, work, and play.

The primary goal is the reduction of any serious socio-economic impacts from fire such as personal injury or death, property, and environmental damage.

Services provided by the Fire Prevention Department include: Building and Subdivision Plan Reviews, Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Alarm System Inspections/ Acceptance Testing, Fire/ Life Safety Inspections of buildings and processes. Inspections of all commercial, manufacturing, educational, and institutional properties that reside within the Fire District boundaries are conducted. The objective of these inspections is to identify and initiate correction of life/safety violations. Moreover, inspections serve as a communication link to verify contact information and familiarize fire personnel with the property in the event of fire or other emergency.

City of Fruita Ordinance 2012-05 and the Lower Valley Protection District- Resolution No. 01/19-2012 charge the Fire Prevention Department with enforcement of the 2012 International Fire Codes (IFC) as amended. The Mesa County Building Department has adopted the International Building Codes (IBC), which works in tandem with the IFC. A copy of the IFC may be viewed at the Lower Valley Fire Protection District Office.

Fire Code/Supplemental Policy Clarification

The 2012 International Fire Code (IFC) Section 102.9 and Section 104.1 specifically allows for matter not provided for to be determined by the Fire Code Official and to render code interpretations and adopt policies, procedures, rules, and regulations in order to clarify the application of code provisions.

Contractors/ Engineers

Brochure- Clearance Process for Building Permits

Clearance Form

Fire Hydrant Specs.

Fire Watch- Fire Marshal

Bollard Specifications

Address Identification Details

Requirements for Access Gates

Posting of Occupant Load Sign

Carbon Dioxide Systems

Carbon Dioxide System- Supplemental Policy Clarification

Carbon Dioxide-Outdoor Storage Requirement

Carbon Dioxide Requirement and Declaration

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Brochure-Fire Alarm System Plan Review and Acceptance Testing

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Brochure- Fire Sprinkler System Plan Review and Acceptance Testing

Fire Flow Form

Contractor Underground Test Certificate

Alternative Fire Protection Systems

General Installation and Operational Permit

Hazardous Material Permit Process

Hazardous Materials Declaration Packet

Hazardous Material Permit Form

General Installation and Operational Permits

General Installation and Operational Permit

Special Amusement Bldgs /Haunted Houses

Temporary Events Safety

Above Ground and Underground Storage Tanks

Installation of Above-Ground and Underground Storage Tanks

Fireworks Sales and Display

Prohibited- Use of Sky Lanterns

Retail Sales of Fireworks Permit Application

Fireworks Permit Agreement

Explosives Permit

Pyrotechnic Permit


Fee Schedule