EMS Billing

Billing Questions, Concerns, and Assistance:

Please contact the Ambulance Billing Specialist at (970)858-3133 Ext 4.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Frequently asked billing questions:

Motor Vehicle Accidents: We do not normally get motor vehicle insurance information at the scene of an accident. We will send a bill to you at the address that we have on file.  Please call or email us as soon as you receive the bill with the applicable auto insurance information so that we may submit the bill to the correct carrier.

Health Insurance Information:  If your health insurance information has changed, please call us as soon as possible with the new information.  Many insurance carriers have time limits on submitting claims, often times as little as six months from the date of service.  If we do not bill them within that time frame, we cannot get paid.  The patient will then be liable for the bill and we want to try to avoid that.

Deductibles and Partial Payments:  Not all insurance companies pay 100% of the bill.  There are plan deductibles and various companies that pay only a percentage of the charges, based on your plan.  You will receive a bill for the unpaid balance.

Accepting Assignment: This terms means that a biller has a contract with an insurance carrier to accept the payment that the carrier deems appropriate regardless of the amount billed. We do not have this type of contract with any commercial insurance companies. For these commercial insurance companies, the patient will receive a bill for the balance.