Our Fundamentals

Lower Valley Fire Protection District

Mission Statement:

To provide the best available protection to life and property from fire, provide fire prevention and education to improve the quality of life in a more fire safe community and to provide advance life support with dignity and respect for all citizens and individuals equally.

Vision Statement:

We will be a key team player with citizens, local businesses, and other government agencies working to maintain a proud community with a strong sense of safety and security. Provide proactive prevention and education methods along with responsive services to the citizens by investing in training, education, staffing and equipment. We will be dedicated and compassionate professionals, who recognize our greatest strength lies in our team approach. We will be recognized as leaders in our profession, and as community role models.

Value Statement:

  • We view our family, friends, neighbors, and visitors as those who deserve our concern, care and attention.
  • We recognize our staff and volunteers as our most valuable resource and we are committed to them and their safety
  • We recognize that our personal conduct is inseparable from the professional reputation of the district
  • We support our organizational climate of mutual trust and respect.
  • We believe in a team oriented, positive and honest environment for all members
  • We strive for excellence through teamwork, unity, leadership, personal and professional development, training and preparedness
  • We believe in open communications and mutually beneficial partnerships with neighboring fire agencies and the community
  • We recognize the responsibility of cost effective resource management
  • We encourage innovation and ownership within the district

Risk Statement:

The risk is evaluated using core influences; such as resource and response capabilities, training and professional development, the probability of incidence, and the preconceived level of complexity along with the consequences of our actions will directly alter and align toward our current funding and budgeting resources. Subsequently, these said influences will stress precedence over our fundamental priorities over our firefighter safety and federal initiatives, our ability to protect human life, and our goal to sustain property conservation and environmental awareness.