EMS Operations

As our services continue to expand and improve, our underlying dedication to serving others remains the driving force behind all of our operations. Behind every sustainable operations is a team of passionate employees. Our team of 16 volunteers, and 9 paid staff provide our level of care. Currently, we have 4 Paramedics, 4 EMT- Intermediates, 11 EMT-Basics, and 3 first responders.

The organizational structure of Lower Valley Fire District is designed in a way to lead our culture of service in all areas of operations. Our providers bring a strategic blend of leadership skills, experience, and cultural diversity; developing our vision of commitment and responsibility to our employees in order to deliver sustainable results.

Our commitment of quality, customer service, and safety resides from the development of strategic and action plans developed by our District Chief, and informed board of directors.

The primary function of Lower Valley Fire EMS is to provide high-quality emergency care to those in need. EMS operations covers all  “every day” emergency ambulance calls for service, and represents both the primary activity of EMS, and the busiest aspect of it by providing prehospital emergency medical care to the sick and injured citizens and guests of our response district.

Along with the treatment and transport of sick and injured patients, Lower Valley EMS is  responsible for providing medical coverage for numerous special events throughout our community. These events include professional, high school events, musical concerts and other neighborhood functions.

District Personnel are on duty 24 hours/day, whom are routinely assigned for rapid  response to any emergeny scene that may require Advance Level or Basic level of service. Lower Valley ambulances are housed at Station 3100, to minimize response times to emergencies in the communities we serve. Ambulances are based out of 1 stations located in 168 North Mesa.