We Are Citizens Protecting Our Community

Lower Valley Fire District is a full service fire department striving to exceed the expectation of traditional fire service.  As a community, a culture, and family we are committed to your safety and will assist our customers in being prepared for the unexpected.  We believe in holding our department to the highest standard.  Lower Valley Fire District is maneuvering progressively and redefining the future in emergency services and community involvement.

We are doing this by embracing our local community expectation of moral and ethical standards; we have no tolerance for mediocrity, status quo, and irresponsible fiscal and governmental policing.  Our community focus is to add wealth to society by providing a public service that is worth more than it costs. We take the responsibility you have entrusted us with in the highest regard and intend to honor you by not losing it.

Our team was created by individuals who have the passion, the commitment, and the desire to save a life and make an impact in our community.  We are citizens protecting citizens. Our main focus supports social capital, we treat our volunteers and staff as valuable strategic assets to be carefully nurtured and developed rather than as cost to be controlled. We are successful because we understand people and their talents- what they know, learn, and do- are the ultimate foundation of organizational performance, our personnel represent our intellectual capital. Competency represents our talents and job capabilities while commitment represents our willingness to work diligently in applying in operational tasks, strategic planning, unity, and retention.

Collectively we are trained to the highest standard and we pride ourselves on being an organization that is attentive to our citizens.  We truly care about what we do and who we provide that service for.  We have created an accountable work force in every area; our firefighters, rescue, and administrative staff are better educated and more experienced. We hire the brightest and most educated people on the market and we encourage, and in some cases require, personnel to pursue development and educational opportunities. We believe that experience and education work together to provide the best service humanly possible to all of you.

     We are proud to protect you and we invite you to learn more about our organization through this website or by taking the time to personally visit our organization.